A couple of storms this work week

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Temperatures have warmed into the mid-twenties in the town of Steamboat Springs and near thirty degrees at the top of the Steamboat Ski Resort under partly sunny skies this Sunday noon. Breezy winds from the southwest will pick up today ahead of a storm lasting from tonight into Monday night. We’ll see a short break on Tuesday and Tuesday night ahead of the next storm lasting from Wednesday into Thursday morning. Nice weather is then forecast as we head into the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival weekend.

Winds have picked up from the southwest at the higher elevations ahead of a storm that traveled through the Gulf of Alaska on Saturday and crossed the West Coast last night. The storm is forecast to split as it crosses the Great Basin today, with our snowfall dependent upon how much energy and moisture ends up in the northern part of the split. Current forecasts have the cold front moving through our area around midnight, with 3-6” of snow expected for the Monday morning report. Snowfall will continue at lighter rates through the day as cold, moist and unstable flow from our favorable northwest direction follows behind the storm, with another 2-5” expected by Monday night by the time the snowfall tapers off.

Temperatures will take a dive from today, with highs around ten degrees up top and near twenty degrees in town on both Monday and Tuesday, though we may see some sun on Tuesday as a weakening ridge of high pressure quickly moves through the area.

The second storm is currently just south of the Aleutian Islands and is forecast to mix with some cold air originally from Siberia as it moves through the Gulf of Alaska on Monday and crosses the Pacific Northwest Coast on Tuesday. Weather forecast models have trended stronger with the storm, though there is uncertainty with the timing, with the best snowfall starting between Wednesday afternoon and evening along with increasing windy conditions as the day progresses. We could see 4-8” by the Thursday morning report with another inch or two possible in the morning if enough moisture lingers in our favorable cool and unstable northwest flow.

Meanwhile, another Pacific storm is forecast to mix with more cold air originally from Siberia and approach the West Coast next weekend. Weather forecast models tentatively agree that some sort of eddy will form, and a ridge of high pressure ahead of that eddy over the Intermountain West means warming temperatures and lots of sun to end our work week and start the weekend.

That eddy but more likely another upstream storm may affect our weather during the following work week, so stay tuned to my next regularly scheduled weather narrative on Thursday afternoon for a better idea of when the next stormy pattern emerges.

Next chance for snow just after the weekend

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Bluebird skies and temperatures approaching ten degrees in the town of Steamboat Springs and fifteen degrees at the top of the Steamboat Ski Resort are over the Yampa Valley late this Thursday morning. After seeing accumulating snow at mid-mountain for all but seven days in January, snowfall will take a break through the weekend with a mix of sun and clouds ahead of the next chance for snow on Monday.

January was quite the snowy month both in town and on the mountain, and the Steamboat Ski Resort recorded the second consecutive month (108”, 127”) of one hundred inches or more of accumulated snow for only the fifth time since 1980! The image below shows those consecutive months circled in red just below the total accumulated seasonal snowfall (as of January 2023).

Steamboat Resort snowfall statistics 1980 - 2023

Total and monthly seasonal snowfall at mid-mountain at the Steamboat Ski Resort from 1980 - Jan 2023

Maximum 1 Day_Mean Snow Depth in since 1908Additionally, the town saw some impressive snowfall, though it appears that about two weeks of snowfall data have yet to be published by the official measuring site by the high school in Steamboat Springs. However, the measured snowfall depth of 56” on January 30 2023 ties the sixth most recorded on the ground since 1908 as shown in the accompanying chart!

And of course, it is no coincidence that the winter of 1996 - 1997, which holds the top 3 spots for base depth in town, also had 2 consecutive months of over one hundred inches of snowfall at the Steamboat Ski Resort.

But now we have clear skies, and there is not much weather to speak of through the weekend. A ridge of high pressure has build over the Intermountain West bringing clear skies and cold morning temperatures to our area. Pockets of moisture moving through the ridge may bring some clouds tonight into Friday morning, and again later Friday into Saturday as a weakening and dry wave moves through the ridge and travels through our area.

Our next chance of snow comes later Sunday and Monday as a shearing wave moves through our area between Sunday and Monday nights. Snowfall amounts from the storm currently look to be modest, with preliminary estimates in the 5-10” range. But I’ll have more details about that in my next regularly scheduled weather narrative on Sunday afternoon.

Storm cycle ends Monday afternoon

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Temperatures are in the upper twenties, right around average, in the town of Steamboat Springs this Sunday mid-afternoon along with passing snow showers which are more persistent at higher elevations. A storm to our west has split yesterday and we will see snows pick up again tonight and last into Monday afternoon as pieces of the storm move near before quite cold air and, believe it or not, mostly sunny skies are over our area on Tuesday. Pockets of moisture may keep clouds around for Wednesday and possibly Thursday though chances are the skies will stay dry.

Clockwise flow around a ridge of high pressure currently over the Eastern Pacific has conspired with the counter-clockwise flow around a deep vortex of very cold air over Hudson Bay to bring wintry weather to our area this week.

The final storm in this active pattern split as it traveled southward along the Vancouver coast yesterday, and the southern part of the split is currently located over northern California while the northern part is moving through the northern Rockies. A stationary front has formed near our area thanks to winds from the west-southwest ahead of the southern split overrunning the very cold air to our north associated with the northern split.

Snows will pick up in the vicinity of the stationary front as it approaches and stalls over our area tonight through Monday morning. Eventually, the cold air wins this battle and snows will wind down later Monday as the stationary front moves south through Colorado. In addition to the 2” that has already fallen on the mid-mountain powdercam by this Sunday afternoon, expect another 4-8” overnight and 1-4” during the day Monday.

High temperatures for Monday near the top of the Steamboat Ski area will likely occur at midnight tonight, with temperatures between 5-10 F first thing in the morning falling to below zero by sunset and likely below -5 F for the Tuesday morning low. High temperatures in town will likely be relegated to the low to mid teens on Monday, and along with a forecast of clearing skies by Tuesday morning, low temperatures on Tuesday could drop into the minus teens, especially along the river drainages.

But lots of sun on Tuesday will help with the cold, and a slowly building ridge of high pressure for the rest of the work week should allow high temperatures to rise each day to around or just above our average of 28 F by Friday. Pockets of moisture producing clouds are forecast to move through the ridge starting on Wednesday however, with the best chance for more sun looking like Thursday.

There is a chance for more snow around the start of next weekend, though weather forecast models have lately trended far weaker with the storm. So check back to my next regularly scheduled weather narrative on Thursday afternoon when I’ll have more details about the upcoming weekend weather.

Steamboat closes in on another hundred inch month

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Temperatures have reached eighteen degrees in the town of Steamboat Springs and five degrees near the top of the Steamboat Ski Resort on this cold Thursday afternoon with continued light snow. Several weather disturbances in first northwesterly and then westerly flow will bring hefty snow totals to the region through at least Saturday. Snows should diminish by Saturday night, but may not stop as another storm influences our area on Sunday and Monday.

After 6.5” was reported by the Steamboat Ski Resort at mid-mountain on Wednesday and 5” today, the accumulated January snowfall is 90” after we saw 108” in December. That puts our season total at 275.5” so far which is already above our snowfall total from last season! And the impressive mid-mountain base of 73” pales in comparison to the 45% higher 106” summit base!

We should easily surpass 100” for the month of January at mid-mountain as the mountains of north-central Colorado are in the cross-hairs of a significant winter storm. A ridge of high pressure currently in the eastern Pacific and extending into the Gulf of Alaska is conspiring with a vortex of very cold air over Hudson Bay to direct cold air from the northern latitudes overhead. Additionally, weather disturbances moving over the ridge of high pressure have already mixed with some moist subtropical air that will provide the fuel for moderate and heavy snowfall rates centered between Friday and Saturday afternoons.

Temperatures will moderate starting tonight as the storm progresses and winds turn to be from the northwest to the west, with Friday morning likely starting out around 10 F up top and reaching 15 F by the afternoon. This temperature range is ideal for producing light and fluffy snowflakes (dendrites) so the snows should quickly pile up. I would expect 3-6” for the Friday morning mid-mountain report, with 4-8” during the day, 5-10” overnight and another 4-8” during the day Saturday. And for those adding it up, as I’m sure most are, that’s a 16-32” storm total!

Blowing snow may be an issue as winds associated with the passing disturbances pick up, especially from late Friday afternoon through midnight and again, but less so, on Saturday afternoon. Travel will likely be difficult at times over Rabbit Ears Pass especially around the windy times.

Snows should diminish by Saturday night, but may not stop as the next storm begins to influence our area. This particular storm is currently located in Alaska and is comprised of a very cold chunk of air that has broken away from Siberia. It is forecast to round the top of the eastern Pacific ridge and split as it moves along the Vancouver coast on Saturday.

Weather forecast models agree the southern part of the split will move down the West Coast on Sunday and turn our upper level winds to be from the southwest. However, the northern part of the split will also keep the cold air to our north in our proximity, and some sort of stationary front may loiter over our area on Sunday and Monday. Preliminary guidance indicates another 6-12” of snowfall possible, though that will ultimately be dependent upon the location of the stationary front.

We have a lot of weather to get through on Friday and Saturday first, so be sure to check back to my next regularly scheduled weather narrative on Sunday afternoon where I’ll have more details on our next storm.

Cold with best snow chances around midweek

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the mid-teens at all elevations are over the Steamboat Springs area late this Sunday morning. A series of Pacific disturbances moving through the Pacific Northwest will keep the cold air around through the work week and bring the best chances for some light accumulating snowfall from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday night.

After three inches of fluffy snow fell on Saturday thanks to unstable and moist flow from our favorable northwest direction, we have some sunshine on this cold Sunday morning thanks to a ridge of high pressure between the departing storm yesterday and an approaching storm currently in Nevada. Unfortunately, the Nevada storm is forecast to head further south and then east across New Mexico by Tuesday, so expect only increasing clouds later today and some overnight and early Monday morning flurries.

Meanwhile, a ridge of high pressure is forecast to continue building in the eastern Pacific and direct modest waves of Pacific energy and moisture moving down its east side over our area by later Tuesday. Additionally, the counter-clockwise circulation around a very cold vortex of low pressure over Hudson Bay will allow cold air to be incorporated into these Pacific weather systems, keeping quite cold air over our region through the work week.

Our best chance of snow is forecast to be between Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Similar to Saturday, light but persistent fluffy snow could produce 2-5” for the mid-mountain Steamboat ski report on both Wednesday and Thursday morning.

There is some weather forecast model uncertainty as to whether we see some more chances for light snow for the end of the work week and heading into next weekend, though a more active pattern may emerge around the end of next weekend. Be sure to check back to my next regularly scheduled weather narrative on Thursday afternoon where I hope to have more details on our next snowy pattern.

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