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Weather observations for Steamboat Springs (SnowAlarm) (6,853')

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Shown are the local temperature, relative humidity (RH), wind speed, wind gust and wind direction from observations taken at Steamboat Springs (SnowAlarm) (6,853') over the past three days.
These observations are not taken everywhere, so if you want a station to appear here, please email me and I will try and add it for you.
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Temp: 23 F Rel. Hum. 92%
Loading Steamboat Springs (SnowAlarm) temp timeseriesLoading weatherflow_20880 temp timeseries
Today: High: 28 F (12:20 pm) Low: 22 F (9:15 am)
Yesterday: High: 30 F (4:00 pm) Low: 22 F (11:15 pm)
2 days ago: High: 40 F (2:05 pm) Low: 11 F (5:50 am)
 * rainfall accumulated over 24 hours from 7am.
Wind: NE 2 Gust: 3 mph
Loading Steamboat Springs (SnowAlarm) wind timeseriesLoading weatherflow_20880 wind timeseries
Today: Max: 6 mph (12:55 pm) Gust: 12 mph (12:55 pm)
Yesterday: Max: 5 mph (3:30 pm) Gust: 11 mph (2:50 pm)
2 days ago: Max: 3 mph (11:55 pm) Gust: 8 mph (2:10 pm) - Home Page   Close Window